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The impact computers have made on everything around us cannot be overstated. Integrating a computer core into your product has become common necessity, yet the processes and tools to do so remain a niche expertise. From idea to mass production, Kinonix simplifies and elevates the standards of computer integration and automation, making it accessible to all manufacturers and innovators.



Quality Teams

Create consistency across global sites, copy-exact production grade and traceability down to the smallest information grain for each and every manufactured unit.


Operations Teams

Say goodbye to integrator lockdown and go from a single prototype to thousands of units rapidly, with central orchestration and transparency across facilities.


Engineering Teams

Provide solid solutions backed up by resilient product lifecycle management with ease and precision. IOT edge device, full fledged private cloud and anything in between.

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A holistic approach to managing your product's compute core

  • Get prime architecture, engineering, hardware and software solutions for your computer based products

  • Lead your integrators to ensure your best interests by leveraging Kinonix independent expertise

  • Go to market efficiently - engineered to your specification from idea to mass production

  • Solidify your product by improving the architecture and processes resilience

  • Strengthen your established teams or rely on our end to end services throughout all lifecycle stages

Free your teams to focus on the next thing by automating complex and resource demanding tasks

  • Reduce human errors and improve product auditing

  • Identify bottlenecks and improve OEE

  • Introduce copy exact production assurance standards

  • Don't stop at manufacturing - your refurbish shop and field support teams can deliver remarkable quality

  • In the cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions

Comprehensive solutions for complex problems and customer specific demands

  • Rely on our decades of combined expertise to take on esoteric hardware integration & platform challenges with confidence and ease

  • Optimize with tailored Linux and Windows solutions

  • Reduce the guesswork using agile POCs and mass production centric prototyping

  • Scale smoothly with deployment, inventory, quality control and maintenance tools

  • Improve coverage with software / hardware tooling and jigs built to your specific needs

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