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Kinonix, in a Nutshell

Computers are the brains of numerous modern systems, from IOT devices to enterprise cloud solutions.

They can make or break a product, yet delivering solid and optimal computers is difficult and costly.

For anyone facing the challenge of developing or maintaining an application-specific system, selecting the right solutions and possessing the right expertise is game changing.

Kinonix was established with the dual purpose of delivering excellent computer products and providing access to the necessary knowledge to any innovator and manufacturer seeking to embark on their own computer optimization journey.

We provide both end-to-end computer solutions to customers seeking a one-stop shop, as well as vendor-neutral professional services such as system design, product management and engineering services to customers with established products or supply chains. No matter where you are along your product realization journey, Kinonix has the expertise to support your enterprise according to your specific needs and requirements.

Founded in Israel in 2021, Kinonix specializes in crafting tailored solutions for industrial and enterprise systems, catering to customers seeking application-specific solutions.

Our customers, local startups and global corporations alike, leverage our founding team’s 15+ years of expertise in mass production of enterprise and OEM computer systems, spanning across all major market verticals and proudly supplying tailored solutions to numerous local Israeli manufacturers and >10 F500 corporations.

Get in touch today to learn how our solutions can boost your product to excellence.

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