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Kinonix, in a Nutshell

Kinonix was founded by Alex Morohovsky and Valery McLey after over a decade of technical leadership roles in the Israeli OEM and IT computer integration industry. 

During those years, while we were thrilled to see computer technologies being leveraged in more and more verticals and products, we have also witnessed firsthand the constantly expanding gap of technical and operational expertise between system integrators and modern software based solution innovators.

Bridging this ever growing gap was costly, bothersome and inefficient for both sides. Unfortunately there was no alternative, as it meant a compromise in utilized technologies, production capacities and delivery quality.

Kinonix was established to resolve this gap by acting as a neutral technical intermediator, providing architecture, engineering, hardware and software solutions. We are set on making the creation of computer based products standardized, accessible and available for all innovators, integrators and manufacturers.

Offering automation integration, tailored solution design and cost effective services, we simplify and solidify our customer's product engineering, operations and reliability processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our solutions drastically expand the capabilities of engineering and operations teams, providing our customers with easy and solid ownership over the compute core of their products.


Get in touch to learn more on how our solutions can boost your product delivery.

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