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Bring Your Own Device Services

Kinonix's Bring Your Own Device services, where customers bring their own equipment - we provide the services.

Our one stop shop services suite enables customers with proprietary, reused or self-sourced equipment access to enterprise-grade integration and technical services commonly bundled only with the purchase of new custom-built systems.

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Who can benefit from our BYOD services?

If you require professional technical services and fall into any of the following three categories:

  • Prefer to independently acquire some or all of the components.

  • Use proprietary or your own made hardware.

  • Aim to repurpose subcomponents into new system, or fully refurbish equipment.

Kinonix provides the suitable services tailored to meet your specific needs, all conveniently available in one place.

One Stop Shop:

We provides all our services independently from the HW & SW purchases.

Our vast scope of consultation, management, lab and technical services allows us to assemble an end to end services bundle for any system delivery and maintenance, regardless of the SW & HW and without forcing our customers where to buy from.

Integration, Testing and Servicing

Seamless integration, rigorous testing, and expert servicing of your equipment has never been easier.

We excel in the art of integrating hardware and software into purpose-built computers, optimizing for peak performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness while testing meticulously to ensure reliability. Furthermore, we extend our expertise into servicing, handling RMA and maintenance throughout active production phase and beyond into extended legacy support.

Single Owner and Focal Point

As a single owner and focal point, we simplify the complex and take full accountability over the project and our customers equipment, allowing customers to focus on their core business objectives with unwavering confidence in their solution delivery, all while reinforcing their reputation as providers of dependable, specialized solutions.


From sourcing and procurement of peripherals to meticulous inventory management, packaging, shipping, and secure warehousing, we manage it all. We ensure timely distribution to your specified locations and handle reverse logistics efficiently. Our expertise in RMA handling, tracking, and customs compliance guarantees a seamless international experience. With detailed documentation and reporting, you gain complete visibility into the logistics process.

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Consultation [Learn more]

Our BYOD solutions are backed by our extensive consultation expertise, offering customers embedding computers within their products a unique blend of technical excellence, uncompromising quality, and streamlined operations.

We start by assessing specific BYOD needs, ensuring security and scalability. Our focus on reliability and efficiency enhances system performance and compliance. We provide strategic planning, supply chain optimization, and global expansion strategies to streamline operations. With these services, we empower customers to seamlessly integrate their devices, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth while maintaining the highest standards of quality and security.

Management [Learn more]

Our BYOD solutions are enriched by our comprehensive Management Services and expertise. We seamlessly manage operations, from logistics to asset recovery, ensuring the hassle-free integration of customer-supplied devices. Our unwavering commitment to quality enhances the reliability and compliance of BYOD solutions, setting them apart in their industry. With a focus on optimizing system designs and sustaining engineering excellence, we ensure adaptable and robust solutions. Additionally, our services address end-of-life challenges, ensuring the longevity of integrated systems. Cost reductions, risk mitigation, strategic planning, compliance, and knowledge management round out our offerings.

Lab & Technical Services [Learn more]

Our hands-on technical services provide everything a computer product needs throughout all its lifecycle phases.

From the development of tailor-made solutions, including prototyping and performance optimization, to meticulous testing, documentation, and qualification processes, we ensure seamless integration and compliance.

Our production and servicing expertise, coupled with preventive maintenance and component management, guarantee reliability and longevity. With quality enhancement services, including failure analysis and corrective actions, we minimize disruptions and uphold the highest standards.

Kinonix Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services redefine the common approach to purpose-built computing. Our one-stop shop suite extends enterprise-grade integration and technical expertise to proprietary, reused, or self-sourced equipment all while taking full accountability and simplifying all management tasks.


Our extensive consultation, management, lab, and technical services coalesce into a unique end-to-end offering, freeing our customers from the constraints of software and hardware purchases bundled with the services they require.

Partner with us to navigate the complexities of computer solutions and deliver Your Own Devices with confidence.

Why Kinonix?

Unbiased service provider

Unbiased Service Provider

We meet the customer’s best interests by separating our services from equipment sales. Our vast scope of services can be applied to any vendor system, integration facility or proprietary customer equipment.

Industry specific

Industry Specific

Kinonix provides services to over 10 verticals where high quality and solid products are key requirements, such as the Semiconductor, Medical devices and Cybersecurity markets.

Ask an Expert

Unique Expertise

We have over a decade of expertise in the Israeli OEM and IT computer integration industry, serving global enterprises and start ups alike in a wide spectrum of market verticals.

We can help you figure out the right solution for your problem and save you valuable time and money in the process!

Get Started Today

Speak with our experts to learn more about our service offerings.


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Kinonix Logo02 PNG_edited.jpg
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