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Power, Thermal and Acoustic (PTA) Services

Our PTA Services enable our customers to measure and optimize their specific system, quickly and reliably.

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  • Looking to optimize your specific system's Power, Thermal and Acoustic (PTA) characteristics?

  • Need to provide a reliable specification of your OEM server to your end customers or your development teams?

  • Need your medical device to comply with a distinct specification or certification?

We have the expertise and testing environment to provide the services you need, quickly and reliably, adaptable to your specific needs.

Gain valuable insights into your system's true characteristics and optimize it confidently - without guess work and without the overhead of an official certification process.

Thermal view of server room on computer

The Services We Offer



Why spec-timate?

Physical audits reveal the system's true characteristics.

Address the real problems and avoid overengineering.



Our team performs short, detailed and tailored audits to meet any customer-specific stress load, environment and test parameter.

System Optimization

We don't just highlight problems - we follow through with solutions.

Consultation, prototyping and POCs to resolve any PTA issue.

Specification Reports

Quality & Risk


Onsite & Facility Audits

Why Kinonix?

Unbiased service provider

Unbiased Service Provider

We meet the customer’s best interests by separating our services from equipment sales. Our vast scope of services can be applied to any vendor system, integration facility or proprietary customer equipment.

Industry specific

Industry Specific

Kinonix provides services to over 10 verticals where high quality and solid products are key requirements, such as the Semiconductor, Medical devices and Cybersecurity markets.

Ask an Expert

Unique Expertise

We have over a decade of expertise in the Israeli OEM and IT computer integration industry, serving global enterprises and start ups alike in a wide spectrum of market verticals.

We have the expertise to fit the best solution for any Power, Thermal and Acoustic requirement

Don’t waste valuable time and money, reach out for a free consultation

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Speak with our experts to learn more about our service offerings.


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Kinonix Logo02 PNG_edited.jpg
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