Our services

Product engineering

  • On demand engineering services and management, specializing in computer appliances.

  • Copy exact production assurance, deployment & verification solutions.

  • Product lifecycle management procedures (NPI, BOM, spec, SOP / WI / ATP, ECOs…).

  • Production, quality assurance and support automation tools. Full infrastructure, software and testing jig solutions.

  • Transitioning from single production facility (supplier lockdown) to globally distributed facilities, while improving and assuring cross facility product quality.

  • Tailored product support, refurbish and RMA - tools and procedures.

New products

  • Proof of concept and prototyping.

  • NPI to customer selected suppliers.

Existing products

  • Supplier / delivery pipeline technical assessment and ongoing management. Technical audits, processes review and optimization.

  • Product resilience analysis and optimization services for design, performance and delivery pipeline.

  • Failure analysis and field exposure investigation.

Professional services

  • Tailored automation for internal infrastructure assets or product mass production. Deployment, inventory, quality control and maintenance tools.

  • Tailored Linux solutions.

  • Hardware performance & resilience optimization.

  • Computer appliance prototyping, proof of concept.

  • Esoteric hardware integration & end to end platform solutions. Rack scale / ruggedized / customized.

  • Industry 4.0, IOT edge devices.

  • Server room to data center solutions.

  • Migration to clustered / highly available platforms.

  • Hardware and platform customizations.

  • DevOps and system administration services.

  • NOC solutions.

  • Enterprise HCI & storage.

  • Monitoring and alerting systems.

  • Data aggregation platforms.

Domains of expertise

Enterprise and industrial computing.

Computer based appliances.

Startup NPI, prototyping to mass production.

Automation integration in our field can be boiled down to process and technology expertise leveraged to provide task simplification and automation. The implementation of which improves product manufacturing, OEE, sustaining processes, quality and risk management.

We provide control, information and automation solutions to customers across many industries and in many applications.

Some of those industries are

  • Automotive

  • Medical devices

  • Life sciences

  • Semiconductor

  • Defense / Military

  • System, automation & OEM integrators

  • Cybersecurity

  • Enterprise storage

Production automation platform,

in development

Looking to improve delivery and maintenance of internal enterprise IT infrastructure components?

Do you have a computer based appliance at the heart of your mass produced product? Looking to automate manufacturing, improve OEE, tighten quality control or clone your processes to additional sites worldwide? 

Kinonix is developing an end to end platform aimed to provide just that and are looking for beta product testing partners!

Reach out to us at info@kinonix.com