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Domains of Expertise

Domains of Expertise

Automation Integration

Industry Specific

Independent Solutions Provider

Being an independent solutions provider means we are not tied to any specific hardware vendor or integrator. We are therefore able to insert non-biased solutions and enhance existing environments objectively, with surgical precision. It also means we drastically expand the capabilities of engineering, quality and operations teams of our customers and their current integrators without the need to migrate anywhere.

Offering automation integration, product engineering, tailored solution design and cost effective services we simplify and solidify our customer's product engineering, operations and reliability processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Unique Expertise

Kinonix was founded by a pair of seasoned engineers with over two decades of mutual technical and leadership roles in the Israeli OEM and IT computer integration industry.

A wonderful period during which we've had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of industries and companies, integrating and delivering tens of thousands of OEM systems, collaborating with world leading enterprises and accompanying startups from prototype to global multi-million dollar operation.

Our experience thought us OEM computer product integration's many nooks and crannies and we've set on a journey to make it simple, standardized and accessible to all manufacturers and innovators.


Some of the industries we've gathered considerable expertise in are:

  • Agtech

  • Automotive

  • Cybersecurity

  • Defense / Military

  • EMS, VARs and System integrators

  • Enterprise storage

  • Life sciences

  • Medical devices

  • Semiconductor

  • Startups

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Kinonix Logo02 PNG_edited.jpg
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