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Professional Services

Automation Integration

Industry Specific

As part of our commitment to enable customers to create innovative computer-based solutions efficiently, Kinonix regularly tailors specific solutions and complementary services to meet unique customer requirements.

Cluster Deployment Infrastructure

Integration floor solution for the provisioning and configuration of an OEM rack product, handling the network stack, managed power, storage layer and 5 node cluster in an isolated infrastructure.

Unique solutions

When Off the Shelf  Solutions Just Don't Cut It

Don't compromise

End to end system, platform, integration and infrastructure solutions for niche requirements, esoteric systems and restrictive environments.

Architecture Design and Optimization

Performance and Resilience Optimization

Hardware and Platform Customization

Automation Integration and Tooling

Linux & Open Source Solutions
Kinonix is an avid Linux and open source supporter.

We have years of expertise consulting, implementing, designing, migrating and maintaining leading open source solutions for OEM products and in enterprise IT environments.

In the OEM realm, we specialize in adapting open source platforms to meet our customer's exact needs. Integrating and customizing existing solutions, as well as developing missing features ad hoc.

Additional Services

Monitoring and Data


Open source and proprietary software implementations to reliably and securely take data from any source, in any format, then search, analyze, and visualize it in real time.

DevOps Services

DevOps on demand for small to mid-sized companies or simply extending your teams to introduce agile tools, continuously improving your processes and environments.

Enterprise HCI, Storage and Infrastructure IT Projects

End to end service, software, appliance and rack-scale solutions for your enterprise infrastructure needs.

HW Migration and

Legacy Support

On premise migration between vendor hardware while maintaining system functionality. Adaptation and support of critical legacy equipment to extend its useful lifecycle.

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Kinonix Logo02 PNG_edited.jpg
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